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For now we are building this part of our Teasing and Denial web site so if you would like to add any information, maybe experiences, information about yourself, fantasies and/or pretty much anything please do below.
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Experiences, information about yourself, fantasies and/or pretty much anything you would like to write please do below.


My Mistress.

I meat my mistress on the internet. First time I got an e-mail from her I knew she was going to be good!
We first started e-mailing each other back and forth talking about what kind of domination and role playing we both like.
I knew by the e-mails that she was dominate.
The first time she came we talked for a while and then she handed me a piece of paper with my new rules on it.
I then became her property. My Mistress ordered me to the floor letting me kiss your shoes. I kissed her shoes like I had never kissed shoes before.
She told me to get up, take off all my clothes and fold them nicely. I did exactly as she said. She then put a collar around my neck.
I become her doggie and obeyed her every command. I walked around on all floors with my Mistress. I kissed her shoes as we walked.
She then laid me down on my back and blindfolded me. She slapped my very hard cock with her whip. Sbe said I did a very good job and she was
going to give me permission to cum in her honor. I refused and told her that I wanted to please her. She took off my collar, stood up and walked out the door.
I laid on the floor for about 30 minutes and then crawled in bed!
Great Night


Women did now rule the earth. Somehow I had warped into another time zone. All men were on leashs. When the women saw me in the supermarket without a leash or woman walking me, they knew something was wrong. I was now in the year 2027. Women ruled completely over man. I needed to find a woman to put a leash on me and rule over me. I decided to look for the woman next door. I asked her to put a leash on me. She was delighted. But she seemed to have a mean streak. She enjoyed putting the leash on me and leading me to my cage. I was now safe at last. Then she came and got me out of my cage. She took me naked into a crowd of women and was showing me off. She enjoyed seeing me get excited when the women would look down on me and give me a rub on my head.

your_name: *****

sex: Man

comments: so far, no real time experiences to speak of....

However, as for fantasies....(LOL!)

anyone out there care to make it real, please drop me a line...

First, the bindings....

tied spread eagle to a bed with ropes is okay, but I see myself being mummified with somthing stretchy (spandex, Ace bandages) but won't cut off air or blood circulation. I have even thought of good old fashioned bed sheets and a blanket... ok, now I am bound...covered from head to toe...well, almost covered...my cock and balls are exposed for my mistress to use as she wishes... now comes the good part (did I say 'CUM'?) mistress teases me relentlessly...stopping only when I start to roll around in bed... I also imagine myself as being the center of an unusual party... I am tied up, teased by both women and men! not only that, but mistress also makes me give oral satisfaction to all the guests...

guess I have to be patient for the right women to come along...





Your Name:missdenialatrix

Sex: Female

comments: A little something from a "slave" of mine.

We are on holiday in Greece and decide we should hire a boat for a day's sailing. We pack some fruit and wine for lunch in a coolbox along with some ice. The wind is warm and we enjoy a sail around to some deserted sandy bays on the other side of the island. As the wind drops you start to tease me by stripping off to sunbathe on the wide flat deck of the boat. I am forced to carry on sailing as you lie naked and rub sun screen on your body.

I can tell from the look in your eyes that you are enjoying me watching you and as you make sure that you cover your front with the lotion. You take extra care on your breasts, and i can see your nipples start to react as the cold cream hits them, before you rub it into your skin. You sit with your knees bent and slightly open as you work the lotion into your inner thighs. When I tear my eyes away from your hands, you are looking me straight in the eyes. You tell me that I should find a beach to land on soon, and then you close your eyes and I can see that you have opened your legs wider to let me see your finger rubbing sun lotion onto the area around your clit. It takes me 5 minutes to get close to shore in a sandy bay, and during that 5 minutes you tease me and yourself, just running your fingers over your slippery nipples and clit. I can see your pussy lips start to puff up, but you manage somehow to stop yourself slipping a finger inside.

You are obviously determined to tease me further, because when we get a few yards away from the beach you jump over the side and swim to the shore, telling me to hurry up and bring the picnic ashore, because you are really hungry now. We throw towels down onto the sand and pull off my t-shirt and then drop to your knees and pull down my swimshorts. My cock has been rock-hard for the last ten minutes and you cup my balls in one hand and with the other you guide my cock towards your mouth, but as your tongue slides out and slowly licks the head i can see in your eyes that you are teasing again, and you smile because you know that i know, and you ask me if I'm going to open the wine. As I open the wine, you cut the pineapple we brought. The fruit is juicy and you come to me with a piece in your mouth and offer it to me. We kiss and I bite off the pineapple. We lie down on the towels and you take another piece of pineapple and this time you rub it lightly on your nipples, the cold juice making them harden and glistem in the sun. My mouth closes around one of them and I suck up the juice as your nipple hardens more with the heat of my mouth and tongue.

As i am kissing you, I pick up another piece of fruit and I trail it down your body. The pineapple is still very cold from being in the icebox, and I trail it from your navel, down your mound and you gasp as the cold juice starts to dribble down towards your clit. All thought of teasing has gone now, and I rub the pineapple against your clit, and you gasp even louder. I move my head and find the line of juice and follow it from your belly button down to your clit. It is so firm, and I suck it into my mouth, and at the same time, slipping the cold pineapple between your hot lips. As you move your hips, I nudge it further inside you with my tongue, the juices mixing together. The taste is incredible and you seem to like the combination of the cold fruit and my hot tongue inside you, so I take the half empty wine bottle and put the opening over your clit, exposing it. I hold it tight against you and then when you aren't expecting it I tilt the bottle just enough to make the cold wine flow up the neck of the bottle covereing your clit, making you gasp yet again, and you pull my head hard into your pussy as my tongue plays with the fruit inside you. I manage to get the pineapple into my mouth and I bite into it the juice bursting in my mouth and into you.

The wine starts to leak out and runs into your pussy. My tongue can't keep up and you start to fill up. You whisper to me that you want to taste it too, so I move up to your face and we share the last piece of pineapple. You push me onto my back and lower your pussy onto me. Somehow you have managed to hold some wine inside you and as i slide into you it gushes out over me. We lie like that for a few minutes, kissing each other and your hips rolling back and forward massaging my cock deep inside you. Then you pull your head back and I can tell from the look in your eye that you are thinking up something new. You lift yourself from me, then move your head down to my cock, tasting me, the wine, the pineapple and yourself. It feels incedible as your tongue runs over the head, and I close my eyes, only to feel your moving your head away. I sit up intime to watch you get up and run towards the water. As you pass the boat on the beach, you grab one of the life-vests and put it on, without zipping it up. Then you run into the water and throw yourself into the surf on your back. The life vest supports you and as I run into the water towards you, you look amazing with your head thrown back and your breasts floating on the surface.

I get to you and you wrap your legs arond my hips. You are completely weightless and as you float in front of me you use your legs to pull yourself onto my cock. My cock jumps as it slides into your hot wet pussy, and my hands go to your nipples. We move slowly in the water, and you fuck me by the pressure of your legs around me, and by squeezing me inside you. As the waves make your body rise and fall against my cock we can feel each other's climax getting close and I move us closer to the shore and drop down into the shallow water with you on top of me and me still deep inside you. You start to ride me harder and harder and i push my hips up to meet you with each thrust, lifting us both off the sand. The waves are breaking against my balls and your backside, it feels completely out of this world, and neither of us can last any longer and I shoot my cum deep inside you as your pussy contracts with your own climax, sucking my cock dry.

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(*********) on Monday, July 30, 2007 at 23:23:37

your_name: ****

sex: Female

comments: I am a novice Domme and learning about orgasm denial. I am seeking information on how to do this with submissive males.

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Good afternoon ****,
It's great to talk to people about this type of subject.
There is so much to learn and it is so much fun it just excites me. Knowing that you have a boy wrapped around your pinky can be a great experience, of course you never want to let him know what you are doing or how you are going to do it! Orgasm denial can give you the power and confidence while still being very pleasurable for the male.
Just keep in mind that all the boys fantasies, sexual ideas and naughty behavior come from the bone in between his legs. This also applies to girls but it is a lot different when you deny girls orgasms over guys. I always suggest learning what turns the male or female on.
Learn a few fantasies and fetishes.
Make him or her earn them while doing what you want done. Always teasing him or her to a certain extent but of course never letting him or her have their release until YOU are ready! It really depends on how far you want to go with orgasm denial. Do you want it to be sessions or more long term? By learning and experimenting you can go a long way.



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(xxx@xxxx) on Monday, October 8, 2007 at 14:28:05

your_name: xxxxxxx

sex: Male

comments: Hi, i´m xxxxxxx from Germany and i might have a strange sounding fetish or phantasie. I fancy cushions, even the look of them makes me horny(sometimes). I´d like to be packed and wrapped in cushions. They are all over my body, even on the face. The lady plays, abuses, takes my breath. Perhaps she leaves me alone, wrapped like a package. Then she teases me, plays through the cushions with my nipples, cock and my anus.
I don´t know what will happen and when because i can´t see, can´t hear. I´mm breathing hardly and i always smell the lady, because the cushion is on my face...

So far so good ;-)

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(xxx@xxx) on Saturday, December 6, 2008 at 21:38:06

your_name: xxxx

sex: male

Martha had always been the dominant one in our relationship. She enjoyed taking charge of our sexual escapades and I never objected because she became good at what she does. Teasing through intimidation and domination.

At first she refused to allow bondage to be a part of our love making. No matter how much I told her I wanted her to tie me up she continued to refuse accusing me of being perverted and spending too much time reading femdom stories on the net.

It was Saturday and Martha had left to run some errands. Something about needing a new bra and undies.

I came in from working outside, stripped and took a long hot shower. While I was drying off I thought about what it would be like to play out my fantasy with Martha. I went and got the back pack containing my restraints and bondage gear. I was going for broke today. I took out the ropes. I attached the ropes to the locking leather restraints with a larks head and looped each one over a post of her four poster bed. I layed down on the bed on my back and adjusted the ropes so thet I would be securely stretched out with just a little slack for comfort. I placed a pillow under the small of my back and under my head. Everything seemed to be ready.

I got the four locks and keys out.I put the keys on the night stand. I picked up the blindfold and ball gag but decided not to use them. I wanted to see the look on Martha's face when she entered the room and found me. I knew there were going to be a lot of questions that she would want me to answer.

I began to have second thoughts about going through with restraining myself, but all my negative thoughts were overcome by my desire to have Martha find me bound naked in her bed.

It took less than a minute to lock the restraints to my ankles and both my wrists. The last one was the most difficult because of just having one hand to snap the lock shut. I had finally done it and was beginning to regret my decision. How would she react. What would she do to me. Would her deeds be from anger or out of love and desire. I must have dozed off because I heard my name being called out from my slumber.

Richard, where are you love? Her heals clicked as she came down the tile hall toward the bedroom. She gasped as she entered the room. She walked slowly over to the side of the bed. So this is what it's all about. You are a pervert of the most wicked kind. As well as a stupid jerk. She placed a hand on my chest and began teasing my folicles with her fingers. Suppose I had an accident and was rushed to the hospital? She continued to chastize me with all sorts of phantom scenarios. But none of those things happened. So what do you think. I think that you make a nice package and are very excited. She moved her hand down to my crotch and wrapped it around my cock. She bent down toward my face and kissed me lightly on the lips. At the same time she was pumping her fist. She pulled her lips and hand away and stood up tall. So you're not upset? I don't know if I am or not. She started looking around the room. Her eyes stopped when she saw the blindfold and gag on the night stand. She picked them up and dangled them on her finger. Looks like you forgot something, Richard. You might say that. She let them slide off her finger down onto my chest. She went down to my feet and began rubing both my legs with her hands. She looked up toward my face. Our eyes locked together. You really do make a mighty fine package laying there as you are, love.

She picked up the ballgag and securred the straps around the back of my head and giggled, Quiet please she mused. The blind fold was next.

Her breath was warm against my ear as she whispered. Now you are a completed package. But you know I've told you so many times before. I am really not into this sort of play. I began to quietly panic within myself not knowing what to expect from her next. She kissed the head of my cock and let the tip slide into her mouth. She sucked on it real hard and let it pop as she withdrew it from her lips. The room went quiet for a few seconds. I jolted as she pinched and twisted both of my nipples. Got to leave you now, love. Think of me while I gone, will you? The next thing I heard was the bedroom door slam shut. I relaized then that I was alone again and Martha was still in control.

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